Thursday, November 3, 2011

An update... and some cute pictures while we're at it

Happy November, friends.  It seems like a good time to share a Caleb update with y'all.  We had a cardiology check-up yesterday back at good old St. Vincent's and it went pretty well.  (Insert sigh of relief.)  Caleb has finally put some weight back on and is at a healthy, normal weight for his age.  If you've seen his fat little face lately, you are probably not surprised to hear this.  The kid has several chins!  Overall, Caleb is doing well.  If you've followed along with his progress, you may remember that we found out a month ago that his overall heart function has weakened since surgery, and this is not a good thing.  Yesterday we found out his heart has gotten stronger, but is still not within the range of normal heart function.  It's just not pumping as hard as it should.  However, Dr. Kumar is still hopeful that Caleb will get there with more time.  He reminded me that doctors look at a patient's overall health more than one isolated factor, and if you look at Caleb, you see a 9-month-old little boy who is growing, eating, breathing normally, has good oxygen levels... basically, he's doing great for his condition.  And that's encouraging.  

Life goes on, doesn't it?  My boys are growing and changing and it seems pointless to waste time worrying about what the future might hold, when the present is flying by.  Jonah just turned 3 and had a John Deere-themed birthday party that was, I believe, the highlight of his life.  He is obsessed with all things related to tractors.  He plays with this little John Deere toy phone that he insists on keeping in his pocket "in case a farmer calls".  Sometimes, apparently, farmers DO call, because I hear him talking on it and the conversation always ends with, "OK, bye bye Farmer, I wuv you."   

So my little guys are both doing well.  Sometimes I look at them and I can't believe how old they are and how fast this all goes.  I would love to hit pause and just stay in this stage where Jonah still wants me to tickle his back and Caleb smiles up at me with his gap-toothed grin about a hundred times a day...God love him, he's going to have a Cox smile.  These boys are the best and I love being their mama.