Sunday, October 24, 2010

A great day

Today is Jonah's second birthday... and we've had such a great weekend.  Daniel's family (Uncle Thomas and Uncle Chris and Aunt Laura) were all here for the weekend and we had a fun little party yesterday.  Jonah has been in heaven, having people around all weekend and new toys to play with.  I've looked forward to it all week, and isn't it great to have something to look forward to? 

We of course went to church this morning and it was a special day.  There was a special time of prayer for us and baby Caleb during the service; and not only that, but our pastor asked Daniel to speak about what we're going through because it just so happened that the sermon was from Phillipians 4:4-7, which (fittingly) talks about having joy and thankfulness in ALL circumstances.  So Daniel got to share a little bit about how we are choosing to cope with our life right now, and I was so proud of him I could've burst.  I have to say, I am so blessed in the spouse department.  Daniel has such strong character and such a sincere love for God, and he inspired me today talking about how even though he is experiencing painful times, he is not despairing or fearing the future.  He really sets an example to me of being thankful at all times.  After he talked a little, pastor Jerry invited anyone that wanted to come up, to come lay hands on us and pray for Caleb.  We prayed for healing and we prayed for God to bring glory to Himself through our circumstances.  It was very meaningful to me and I felt a tangible difference in my spirit with all those people surrounding us and praying.  I am 100% confident that God is going to do miracles because of Caleb's condition.  I wouldn't be surprised if He healed him completely, and I also wouldn't be surprised if He allowed Caleb's heart to stay the same in order for some other kind of miracle to happen, like us getting to share about Jesus with other families in the hospital.  Wouldn't it be amazing if God uses us to show how good and loving He is, and how He can give hope and peace in the darkest moments of our life?  I am praying for God to show up and show His power in whatever way brings Him the most recognition.  And I can't wait to see how He answers that prayer!  Thank you to all the people praying for us.  And please, pray for healing for Caleb.  We go back to St. Vincents for our next appointment in 2 days, on Tuesday.  I am praying that the doctor will sit there dumbfounded, unable to explain why Caleb's little heart looks perfectly normal.  But I also have total peace that whatever the outcome of Tuesday's appointment, there will be miracles.  I expect it!  I'm expecting God to show up and show us how very real He is!  What a great story to be a part of!

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