Wednesday, December 29, 2010

4 weeks and counting

Can I just say I have a great mom?  Yesterday was our last visit to St. Vincent's before Caleb's big arrival, and on my way to Indy my mom calls and has, to my surprise, scheduled me a pre-natal massage in Fishers at Villagio Spa (super fancy!) right after my doctor's appointment.  You get Mom-of-the-Year Award for that one!  

So yesterday was my last appointment at St. Vincents before Caleb arrives.  I will continue to see my doc here in New Castle, and Caleb's arrival via c-section has been scheduled for... drum roll, please.... Thursday January 27th.  Wow.  Do you realize that's less than a month away?  Oh wait, do WE realize that's less than a month away???  Holy cow.  That's going to be here so fast.  I have nothing prepared in our house whatsoever.  If you know me well, you know that I'm not exactly the plan-ahead type.  I guess I need to start thinking about how on earth Jonah is going to share his 10x10 bedroom with his little brother.  There's not an inch to spare in that room, especially now that he got a few new toys for Christmas, so clearly I need to do some work.  Eh, maybe tomorrow.  In Africa, there would be 6 kids in a room that size, so I'm sure we'll survive.  I'll tell you, one good thing that's already come from this time in our life is that very little phases me.  That should come in handy soon enough.

Yesterday was the first time I went to St. V's by myself.  Daniel always goes with me, but he's off work this week and Jonah is sick, so we decided he'd stay home with Jonah for the day and I'd go by myself.  It was actually kinda weird, and it got me thinking about how much time will be spent just like that in the upcoming weeks:  Daniel at home with Jonah and me in Indy at the hospital with Caleb.  I'm not thrilled with that arrangement at all.  I'm not excited about my family being split in half for several weeks.  In fact, it's probably what causes me the most anxiety, thinking about Daniel and Jonah being here while I'm there.  So this leads me to my request du jour.  People ask me all the time what they can do for us, how they can help.  And I have an answer:  Come visit us during our hospital stay.  When Caleb is born, we will want all the encouragement and support we can get, especially the time when Daniel and Jonah are here in New Castle.  Visit them!  Bring them food while I'm gone, pretty please, and check in on how my boys are doing.  And visit me in Indy!  I'll be alone a lot, sitting in a little NICU cubicle and will want company.  And maybe bring some candy.  OK, that part is only slightly serious, but honestly, what we'll need more than anything is your presence.  I hope that there's not a flood of cards and visits the first few days and then little contact in the following weeks.  My dream come true would be if we could have at least one visitor a day, both Daniel in NC and me in Indy, during this crazy time.  Now you know.  If you want to know what we need, that's it!
Signing off for now.  Not that I'm going to go to work on the boys' bedroom... I'd rather join Daniel and Jonah in their snuggle-fest on the couch.


  1. Cameron has to go there all the time for his specialist apts. we don't live to far from there. Id be more than happy to come see you or join you for lunch whenever you want.

  2. Katie Cox...YOU ARE AMAZING...that's all I have to say right now!