Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy thoughts

I love my husband.  I always knew that I had married up, but it's more obvious than ever.  I feel like a hot mess about 90% of the time, but he is so steady.  I know he has his moments where he feels stressed here, or wishes we had someone else's life, but he is leading our family through this time with a level of patience and strength that should win him some kind of award.  Daniel went home last night for the first time to spend time with Jonah, and I immediately wished he was back here.  When I went home, he was sending me texts saying things were great and to take my time.  When he went home, it took me about 5 seconds to be anxious for his return.  I am so thankful for him.  Best decision I ever made.

Today has been pretty good; it's always good when all four of us are back together.  Caleb has been smiling and playing a lot and I breathe easy when he's in a good mood.  I realized today I have this constant fear of Caleb getting depressed.  It came out of my mouth while we were eating lunch and Daniel reminded me that he's not even 2 years old, and that even if he's cranky while we're here, he won't remember this time in his little life.  That helped.  As a mommy, it breaks my heart that the rest of us can get out of that hospital room when we need to, but Caleb can't.  Please pray for his little mood, for his spirits to stay up, and for him to be easily distracted when he starts to get fed up with his reality.

Here's another thing to pray for.  As my close friends know, it has been my dream for years to have a bigger house.  Daniel and I have lived in our wonderful, happy, little house for 8 years and we love all 900 square feet.  However, I have always dreamed of having a home that was large enough to have friends over, to have a big table with a crowd around it, and plenty of room for my kids and their friends to run around.  Just a few weeks ago, an opportunity came to us to possibly buy a home that would be my dream house... and then we went to the hospital.  In yet another example of the generosity of others, there are a few people working for us to sell our house while we live in the hospital.  I visited the "new house" while I was home this week, and I teared up just picturing my family all home together there.  I had this picture of a fire going in the fireplace, Daniel playing with the boys on the floor and me in the kitchen cooking supper.  When I have a hard day, I often picture that little scene in my head.  It almost feels like too much to hope for; for Caleb to have a new heart, and all of my family to be home together in a new house that's a dream come true.  If I can trouble you for another prayer request, would you pray that God would bless us with this new home?  And if you know someone who might be interested in a sweet little 2-bedroom house, let me know. :) 

So, to summarize, here's our prayer request list today:
1- Pray for Caleb's spirits to stay up.
2- Pray for me to rest when I need to, and to be able to get out of here sometimes and get refreshed.
3- Pray for our house to sell and for the blessing of a new home.
4- Pray for Caleb's perfect heart to come as soon as possible!


  1. I will be praying for these things. Thank you for letting us know exactly what to pray for. It helps to know what you feel like you need prayer for more than the obvious things. Love you and your family so much... Shirley Dobbs

  2. Praying...praying...praying...and praying.
    God is good and know just what you need.
    He loves you all so much!

    1. Jodi, I don't know how else to get in touch with you, but I wanted to let you know that your card was such an encouragement. Thank you, so very much, for all the thoughts and prayers for my family in the last couple years. It is such a gift to me. Please know I thank God for people like you who have reached out to us generously. Blessings!

  3. I know we would LOVE your house...if you could just move it a few blocks closer to Indy...but will pray that someone else will love it as well!