Monday, January 14, 2013

A couple prayer requests

Hi there, friends.  Just a quick prayer request... we found out over the weekend that because of the crazy flu epidemic, Riley will be issuing a new rule that no visitors under the age of 18 will be allowed in the hospital.  Which means that Jonah can no longer be here with us.  If you read my last post, or any post, you know that having our family here together most of the time has been the best thing to keep us going.  We don't even know how to really explain to Jonah why he can't be here anymore.  It broke my heart to tell him today, when he was begging to go see Caleb, that he has to take a break from the hospital.  This restriction will be in place until March or April, and if Caleb doesn't get a heart soon, that means these boys won't see each other for potentially a long time.  I took the news pretty emotionally, knowing that now our little family will be split up even more and that we'll have to spend more time with one of us at the hospital and the other home with Jonah.  After spending some great time with God today though, I know that He will give us the strength to handle ANYTHING that comes our way.  But I am asking today that you pray for Daniel and for me to have extra patience and perseverance and for our sweet boys to not struggle with their new separation.  Also, if you could say a prayer for my own health, I would welcome that.  My arthritis is getting worse, but I don't even have time to think about that...

I listened to a song today that says this:

I have a shelter in the storm
When troubles pour upon me
Though fears are rising like a flood
My soul can rest securely
O Jesus, I will hide in You
My place of peace and solace
No trial is deeper than Your love
That comforts all my sorrows

Thanks for your ongoing prayers and encouragement!


  1. Thinking of you all and praying all your needs are met and for His PERFECT peace. Love, Miss Pam

  2. Thank you for posting what we can pray for most for you! As always, you are continuously in our prayers.

  3. perhaps Iphone face time or skype might help.....they could play I spy games....we will continue to pray!!!

  4. Skype is a great idea! Not the same as being there but may be a comfort to both of the boys. Will be praying for endurance and peace for you. If I can help out watching Jonah anytime, please give me a call - this Nana would love to do that.

  5. Pray everyday for your family. Lana

  6. Katie...we are praying for you all daily!!! Be strong. God is there with you.

  7. I am praying for your family daily...Lord give peace and strength to this family...comfort them and help them through this trying time in Jesus name Amen!!! God bless Donna Richardson

  8. Katie, We continue to keep you and all your family in our prayers. You have such strong faith that sets a great example for all of us. God Bless. Try skype for the boys, I realize it isn't the same as being there but will continue to let the boys feel that connection they need to each other.

  9. Katie, thank you for these posts. My heart reaches out to you and Daniel. I pray that God holds you two so tight that no matter what the circumstances are, He will protect you and guide you on a path that leads to His peace and His security. Have you heard of skype? You have a computer up at the hospital and you have one at home. You both can see each other and talk to each other. This way these two brothers can be connected and talk to each other. I am not the one to tell you how to set the skype up but it is wonderful when you can't be together. The boys can say good night together and say prayers to each other or whatever. This can be the glue that God meant for you to have to "keep" your family as close as possible during this time. Hope this idea can be helpful to you. Love you and are continuing to pray for God's miracle of a heart for Caleb. Pam Cooper

  10. Katie, I am so sorry to hear of the new problems you are now facing. I am praying for Caleb, Jonah, you and Daniel constantly. You guys are amazing in your faith and are being used of God even in these difficult times. I will pray for your arthritis as well. Love you guys, Tim

  11. I know that has to be so hard. I will continue to pray for Caleb and your family and specifically ask for the boys' comfort while they are not able to see each other in person. I hope you are able to Skype or Face time with them. I will also pray for your health issues and for your family to stay healthy.
    Love and Hugs to you!

  12. Every song I heard on K Love yesterday reminded me of your family, the struggles & your positive amazing attitude through this! Please know we were praying & will continue to pray for you all! ~Darcy Cooper(We go to Cadiz with Nisha, others)

  13. Katie and your beautiful family-precious prayers sent to God who hears and knows all our needs-stay strong .

    1. my prayers are sent every day