Sunday, November 17, 2013

Plugging along

I am totally in survival mode.  There is always a period of survival mode any time you have a new baby in the house, and so it's not totally a new experience.    I was doing laundry a couple days ago (what a triumph!) and as I sorted the five piles for the five people in this house, I realized my own pile had, like, two things in it and that was it.  Where were all my clothes?  Had I forgotten to put them in the hamper?  I thought about it for a second, then looked down at what I was wearing and it dawned on me.  I had only worn my robe for 4 days, and when you never get dressed, you never actually have dirty clothes to wash.  I will count this as one advantage of this time of isolation.  

Here's a successful day:  My children were fed, every medicine was administered on time, I brushed my teeth.  Anything above that is a major accomplishment.  This weekend I actually cooked a meal and baked some cookies and I felt like Martha Stewart.  My family raved about the simple spaghetti dinner and I felt like I had conquered the world.  Now if I could just get on a pair of non-maternity jeans... I still have about a million pounds to lose first, but I'll get there.

Everyone is doing well.  Caleb had a biopsy this week and it was a big deal and if I wasn't in survival mode and sleep-deprived, I would've been more nervous for it.  Fortunately, we got the results back Friday afternoon and it was ALL good news.  Caleb's new heart still has NO rejection!  The day at Riley went great, we got to see some dear friends and it felt like visiting our other home.  Caleb did well, he is SO incredible about having procedures.  The only issue he has right now is his blood pressure has been very high at times, and the team has been concerned.  They decided to add another medicine to our long list, and since that day his bp has been much better, but still not quite as low as they'd like to see it.  At least it's not scary-high any more, but every time I check it, I want to see a nice, low number.  Praying that it improves!

Lucy is growing and is such a sweet baby.  She sleeps through the utter chaos created by Caleb and Jonah's daily adventures.  They literally wrestle and tackle each other right beside her and she doesn't even stir.  She is starting to outgrow her newborn clothes and when I notice her little feet pushing against the feet of her sleepers, I think, "Oh yeah, they get bigger SO fast."  I noted out loud that her pajamas were too small tonight after their baths and Jonah said, "Don't you just wish she would stay this little forever?" and I thought, "What are you, a grown-up now?" He poses a good question... On one hand I wish this stage of life, when my children are so little, would last forever.  On the other hand, I happily anticipate when they are a little more self-sufficient.  Oh the joys and stress of being a mom!

Thanks for your prayers as we keep plugging along!  This new normal is starting to sink in and what we need most right now is prayers that we can all transition well.  Daniel is settling back in to his job, I'm adjusting to staying home all the time, Jonah is dealing with getting less attention than his siblings, Caleb is adjusting to life outside the hospital, and Lucy is adjusting to life outside my stomach.  In a few months the stress will be less... right?!  :)  Thanks for all the love, prayers, cards, gifts and meals that show us that we are remembered... we are so blessed by the army of people who care for our family!


  1. I love those shaving boys and that blessed little sister!

  2. Katie you amaze me!! Your faith, determination is unbelievable!! And now a little princess in the house! How super exciting!! We continue to pray for your family and wish all of you happy holiday and a very merry Christmas! ! Its hard to find a gift that tops the gift of life! To be so little Caleb is so steung and a true inspiration for the entire community and beyond!!! If you need anything, dont hesitate to ask. You have an amazing support system!! We send tons of love and prayers your way ;) Happy Holliday to your entire family! Merry Christmas Katie :)

  3. Seeing all of your smiling faces puts joy in my heart. Continuing to pray for all of you.

  4. I have enjoyed reading your post thanks for sharing your family with us.....I love all the family pictures you have posted....What a sweet happy family God has blessed you and Daniel with...God is so awesome....I praise God that Caleb is getting better...I am praying is blood pressure will come down to a normal reading soon....your kids are so cute!!!!

  5. God is SOOOOO Good!!! May he continue to bless your family!

  6. Katie, I am so excited and thankful for the great checkup. I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas together in your new home. I pray that God will Bless you as much as you have blessed us with your journey....Anna

  7. Happy, smiling faces :) :)
    I am so glad everything is going great with Caleb's heart. I still think about you guys often. Even though it was great seeing you guys every day when we were both in the hospital, I praise GOD we are all out!!
    I hope I see you around NC one day!
    Happy Thanksgiving!