Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hip hip hooray!

So have you SEEN my son?!  He's pretty amazing!  Caleb James Kinnaird was born Thursday morning at 9:41 a.m. and from the moment he was out, we have been overwhelmed with good news.  I had tears streaming down my face in the operating room, because as soon as Caleb came out he started wailing; this wonderful, NORMAL baby wail.  And he was pink and squishy, just like babies should be!  This was a great start.  He weighed in at 6 lbs. 11 oz, and Daniel got to go in while they ran initial tests on Caleb and I recovered from surgery.  The news was good from the beginning... and just got better throughout the day.  He does NOT have to have surgery for now!  He was doing so well so soon that we got to hold him and snuggle him the very first day.  And I even got to start breastfeeding him the next morning.  This was so different than what I anticipated this weekend to be like.  I actually just got done nursing him and while we were cuddling I just couldn't help but feel like this was a dream.  But it's not!  It's real, and it's totally the result of God taking care of us and our little boy.  

I need to rest but wanted to give a few details and pictures.  Caleb will have to have a heart catherization on Monday afternoon.  This procedure will open up and stretch out a small hole that exists between two chambers of his heart; the hole is actually helping maintain blood flow to where it needs to be, so they want to keep that hole from closing.  It will take about 2 hours and will be performed at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.  Caleb will come right back here to the NICU when it's over.  They expect him to have a little bit of a rough day, just being fussy and cranky from not getting to eat for quite a while, but they say the procedure is pretty minor.  

Specific prayer requests:
- Pray for the heart cath to go perfectly well.  Pray that Caleb recovers quickly and that the procedure does what the doctors hope it will do.
- Pray for Jonah.  It's getting harder on him to be away from us and we feel torn between wanting to be with him and wanting to be with Caleb.  I miss him a lot and am praying that God will help comfort Jonah and make him feel secure.
- Pray that somehow I could get approved to stay here in the hospital as a patient one more night.  When I get discharged, potentially Sunday afternoon, I'll have to move to a hotel and of course it will be much less convenient than being down the hall from Caleb.  I'm going to ask my doctor for this in the morning.

Here's some pics!

Thanks for covering us with prayer and encouragement, we feel it!  Our family is so blessed and thankful!  Thank you Jesus!


  1. YES! Thank you Jesus!! ALL praise and honor and glory is yours, Lord!!! :)

    Caleb looks like Jonah!! I love it! And you know I'm always crying puddles when I look at these precious's what I do! ;)

    Continued prayers for Jonah, my friend. And praying for all of your requests! We love you all so much! Call or text me ANY know you can.

  2. What wonderful news, we will continue to pray for all of you guys!

    Take care

  3. God is so faithful and so good! I just knew He would bring good news from this situation and I know He will continue to bless.....over and over. We continue to pray for you and Daniel and Caleb and Jonah and we continue to praise God! Love you all so much.

  4. We are rejoicing with you in this wonderful news! So happy to see a pic of sweet Caleb... in the picture of Daniel holding him he looks so much like his big brother. Wish we could meet him in person and cover that sweet baby face in kisses!