Sunday, January 30, 2011

Need your prayers

It's been such a wonderful few days, bonding with my sweet little boy.  Tonight has been very emotional though.  We met with the cardiologist today and got much more information on the procedure that Caleb will have tomorrow, and it's actually riskier than we thought.  We've been basking in the bliss of good news for days and kind of forgot that with Caleb, we can't take for granted that there won't be hurdles to overcome.  According to the doc, tomorrow is Caleb's next hurdle.  They expect everything to go smoothly, but it's a big enough deal that the heart surgeon will be on hand because if it doesn't, they have to take him straight to surgery and we're back on the original track of open-heart surgery and long-term hospital stay.  This upset us a little, because we've been so happy with how well things are going that we didn't realize that Caleb is not quite out of the woods.  Tomorrow will either be a huge success that puts us on the path of going home soon with a strong baby, or will be a day that sets us back big time.  Please, please pray for our baby and for us.  We have been very emotional tonight.  We decided to come home and see Jonah for a bit and have a break from the hospital before the challenging day ahead.  I'm so glad we did, because Jonah was SO excited to see us.  But we both cried and cried when we put him to bed and said goodbye again.  And we miss Caleb terribly now that we're here.  It's so hard to have our boys in two different places.  So please pray for renewed strength and for all four of us to be safe in Jesus' hands.  We'll let the news out when the doctors come out and talk to us after Caleb's heart catheterization tomorrow.  Thank you so much for thinking for us and praying for us, it means the world.


  1. We're praying for you guys to feel peace and God's arms surrounding you all. We are especially praying for Caleb during his heart cat. (Brooke Turnbough)

  2. He is absolutely beautiful, Katie! I'm praying for the whole fam :)