Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Off the ventilator: part 2

After 3 more days on the ventilator, Caleb is tube free!  He's still got a few wires connected to the high-tech stickers that monitor breathing, heart rate, and oxygen levels.  There's also a nasal cannula pushing oxygen straight up both nostrils... other than that, tube free!

He's going to have a lifelong phobias to stickers and straws/tubes.

After Caleb failed the first extubation in the early AM on Sunday, the PICU doctor decided to keep him on the ventilator for a few days.  We gave it a second shot today at noon.  Now Katie and I are fighting a battle with our collective nerves.  I've felt all day like Caleb successfully breathing on his own is too good to be true.  It's been a constant battle with our minds to overcome our emotions.

Nine hours in, Caleb continues breathing well off of the ventilator.  People who know tell me that the goal is for him to make it 24 without the ventilator.  Please pray for Caleb and for us over the next 14 hours.  Also, please pray for our new friend Laura and Lawrie, her baby boy.  (I hope I spelled his name right, Laura).  Lawrie came off his vent today too.  Pray for her nerves and for Lawrie to persevere and breathe like a warrior.

Caleb loved to spend time on his belly (pre-extubation).  How 'bout them socks?

Caleb this afternoon (post-extubation).  Note: manly scar.

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