Thursday, September 1, 2011

First roadblock

Caleb is obviously in less pain today, which is great to see, but the problem we were praying against has come up:  There is a small amount of fluid beginning to accumulate around one of his lungs.  Right now, they are going to try to get this fluid to drain off with medications in his IV.  There is a 50/50 chance of this working.  If it doesn't work, we are looking at Caleb having a tube surgically inserted into his lungs and a much longer hospital stay.  PLEASE PRAY!  We need to pray that this fluid all drains off and that his oxygen levels go up.  

Pray also that Daniel and I do not get discouraged or give in to anxiety.  Overall, Caleb is doing very well and gaining strength.  But it is still hard not to get nervous about the "what-ifs".  Pray for us to stay focused on the present and deal with things as they come.  We are so thankful that Caleb has progressed so quickly and we believe he will continue to do so.


  1. Will be praying Katie! I'm sure he is in great hands at the hospital, but keep believing and trusting that God is taking care of him too. He is the best Dr. around :)


  2. Praying, Katie!


  3. We're praying here too, Katie.
    What a little trooper Caleb is. He's so smiley!
    Praying for you entire family.