Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pray for Caleb Day!

Hello everyone!  A friend has created an event on facebook tomorrow, and I want to invite all my dear blog readers.  Tomorrow, Thursday April 4, is Pray for Caleb Day!  And all that means is you're invited to wear your Praying for Caleb shirt, if you have one, and/or your bracelets too, and to say a prayer for Caleb's new heart to come.  Pray with your family, or invite your friends to pray too.  We're Praying for Caleb!


  1. Katie and Dan, thanks for your update. We'll be praying for Caleb! We pray for you all, and thank God for the amazing honesty and authenticity with which you are experiencing this trial of your faith. You're an inspiration to me--even when you don't feel like a successful one! Love you guys. Rick

  2. Every day is Pray for Caleb day at our house! God is certainly showing Himself in and through you.