Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yep, our car is totaled

As I am starting this blog post, I am sitting with my laptop on my lap and my stomach is hanging over the bottom of my computer and I can't access the mouse pad very well... third pregnancy.  It's like my stomach has just given up completely.  I'm not quite 10 weeks along and at all times I look like I just ate an entire pizza.  I actually should just eat an entire pizza.  If I'm going to look like this, I might as well have fun in the process.  

So we had a bit of a surprise this week.  Daniel was in a car accident.  He is completely fine, thank God, other than having whiplash and being sore.  He was right next to the hospital, stopped at a stoplight, and a woman was texting and didn't even notice the red light and just plowed right into him without even slowing down.  Both cars were totaled.  We are obviously just thankful Jonah wasn't in the car and that Daniel is fine... but now apparently we have to find time to buy a new car.  It's funny, because everyone that we've told about the accident has the same reaction: "Of all people, I can't believe that happened to you guys!"  Even the woman who caused the wreck.  While they sat for an hour and waited for the police to come, they struck up a conversation.  She is a doctor and was coming to visit a patient.  When Daniel told her why he was going to Riley and told her about Caleb, she started crying.  She was so upset that "of all people" this happened to us.  To which Daniel responded, "Why shouldn't it happen to us?  It's just a car."  He actually felt really sorry for her because she was clearly more upset about the situation than he was.  

Well she took full responsibility and we're going to get a check in the mail and I guess we'll get that minivan a bit sooner than we expected to.  It's not really a good time to be buying another car.  We had planned to buy a van before the baby comes, but not before Daniel is working full-time again.  He is only working half-time and getting paid half his salary, and of course I'm not able to work at all.  The settlement check isn't enough to buy anything in good shape since our car was so old, but we really don't want to add another monthly payment to our life right now.  We'll figure it out.  I know people get upset about the idea of another "bad" thing happening to us, but it honestly hasn't bothered us in the least.  In fact, it's BECAUSE of everything we've gone through that we can just kind of shrug our shoulders and say it's just a car, it's just money, God will provide and it's going to be fine.  When things like this happen, I realize I really have been growing all this time and the evidence is in my ability to react to the crazy things that happen to us with calm and a peace in my heart.

Besides, if something crazy is going to happen to anyone, of course it's going to be our family!  God just likes to keep us on our toes. :)  


  1. Praising God for His protection over Daniel. What an amazing opportunity for Daniel to share his testimony and story with this woman. I can so appreciate your statement that the evidence of your growth in this is your reaction to circumstances. God tends to put things in perspective for us, huh?! Praying for you as you look and wait for the vehicle God has planned for you. Praying your pregnancy goes well. Love your family.

  2. Praising God that Daniel, or the doctor, weren't hurt and that Jonah wasn't with him !! I KNOW God has plans for you and the van you are so needing.
    Loving the fact that your showing already !! I am sure you look adorable, as always !
    Continued prayers for all of you sweetie ! You are on my mind and heart daily !!

    Much love.....Tracy Klotz

  3. How much is ur budget? I can keep my eyes peeled. :) I see vans for sell at a reasonable price quite often.

    Paying for you...

    Love Dana

  4. You never know who God will bring into our lives for a reason that we just can't see yet. Sometimes reading your blogs are like reading a good book. One of those you just can't seem to put down-you never know what the next chapter will bring. Can't wait for the "and they lived happily ever after" part. In a Hallmark movie, this Dr. would miraculously have a young patient who ends up being the donor that saves Caleb's life. In real life, we laugh and cry right along with you through the ups and downs, goods and bads.
    Maybe this Dr. needed a miracle in her life and God used Daniel in a mighty way to touch her heart.
    Praying you'll find the perfect mini-van-you'll love having one!
    Aunt Patty

  5. While I can't help but be upset over your newest situation, I completely understand about growing through adversity. If God has taught me anything in my soon to be 20 years of being a Christian, it's to not hang on too tightly to material things. I believe, as I know you do, that God will use all of these 'bad' things in your life, to mold all of you into the people you are meant to be. May God bless you, keep you, protect you, and supply your every need. Thank you for sharing what He is doing in your lives. It is very encouraging to the rest of us.

  6. Love your Aunt Patty's post - so true. I'm sharing in your thankfulness this morning - how He is watching over you during this time!! We just bought a truck through Car Max and it was a great experience. It really was so much easier and we got a great deal - let us know if you go that route and we'd give you the name of our saleswoman if you'd like it. Rest and play today!

  7. I am so proud of you Katie. You are a wonderful, gifted lady who has endured more than most people in a lifetime, and yet managed to grow closer to the Lord and gain wisdom along the way. Don't know if you remember me - I work in the media center at the high school. You all remain in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep on keeping on and continue reflecting the Lord's love in the people you meet. You are a blessing to all who know you. Prayerfully... Jennifer Delon

  8. I really feel that many blessings are headed your way. It's been my experience when things go bad, like they sometimes do, that something better and greater comes about. Blessings be abundant to you always, and my son and I continue to keep you in our daily prayers. Jeana

  9. I follow your post from Paige Fischer's facebook (I'm her sister-in-law), and can I just say, "Congratulations on your pregnancy!" My husband and I had no idea. We read every time you blog, and we'll be praying for you to find a van now along with praying for Caleb.

    I'm glad you're blogging more now, too. Your blog really helps put things in perspective, more so than you know.

    Blessings to you and your family,
    Jennifer Fischer

  10. How's Daniel doing now? Accidents are really hard to predict. I do hope he is fine now, and so are you. Anyway, if you're really planning to buy a new vehicle, I would suggest that you pick something that has good handling. Don't let the salesman win you over by his sales talk. Know what you're about to buy first, and check its insurance. Lastly, drive safely.

  11. Hello Katie, I know you don't know me. I have been following your blog and praying for your family. Today I put a link from my blog to your blog. I tried to find a way to email you and ask you if it was ok. I just felt compelled to do this today. Praying for you.

  12. There's a reason why there's a rule that texting while driving is not allowed. I, for one, don't usually follow this, but I make sure that I'm not speeding and I always check what's in front of me. I know that it's not an excuse, but if people can't avoid texting while driving. I just hope that they're extra careful and mindful of the things around them.

  13. Thankfully, the one at fault took responsibility for the accident. But then, it’s also imperative that every driver pay attention on the road. Everything can happen in a flash; what more if they are using their gadgets? I hope this post would serve as reminder for everyone that inattentiveness on the road can have dire consequences.

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