Thursday, May 23, 2013

An update on antibodies

We found out today that Caleb's antibody levels have remained pretty even and they have NOT reached a level that would allow his listing to change. So he continues to have two antibodies that must be avoided in a donor heart.  Of course that wasn't the news I would prefer, but it didn't upset me.  We want to wait for the PERFECT heart and we want this heart to last a really long time, so we certainly respect the fact that the transplant team are very conservative.  I still have this feeling that his new heart is coming, and hopefully soon.  I'm praying for a reason to do a Memorial Day weekend happy dance!


  1. Praying you get to do that "Happy Dance" as well. God's timing is perfect, so we know HE is waiting on that PERFECT heart !! Continued prayers for all of you and much, much love !!

    Tracy Klotz

  2. I'm praying for your" happy dance"to happen soon! Your family has to be exhausted...we were at only 6 weeks and when a family gets so familiar with procedures and seem to be a part of the staff you know you have been there too long. The likelihood for an organ to be available will be the holidays... not wanting bad news for another family, but God's plan will unfold before our eyes and the faith we have in Him will become even more evident. We will continue prayers throughout Caleb's journey... keep the faith and love strong! Terry Roberts (Brady Reese's mother)