Friday, September 13, 2013

A growing sense of excitement...

It's almost here! The Pray for Caleb Rally is tomorrow (Saturday) night!  You know what? I am super excited about this event because every time I think of it, I have the strong feeling that God will be moving powerfully that night. Can I ask you something? If you are a person who believes in the power and effectiveness of prayer, will you please come? I have a feeling that if you are someone who loves Jesus and believes He gives power to those who pray in His name, you are probably already planning to come.  This event is NOT a fundraiser, it is NOT just a night to gather and show your support... It is going to be a night of sincere praise and worship and prayer.  All are welcome, I just want to make sure people know this is going to be a worship gathering. And it is going to be awesome! Please, if you are coming, pray for the event every time it comes to your mind between now and then. Pray for God's Spirit to have full control and for all of us there to hear His voice. I will be thrilled if hundreds of people are there... But I will be more thrilled if EVERY person there, even if it is just a handful of people, come with a great sense of expectation that God will be among us and will hear our praise and prayers!

Start time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: First Baptist Church, 709 S. Memorial Dr., New Castle
If you have little ones (age 4 and under) that you would like to drop off in our childcare area, you are welcome to do that. We have a great group of young women who will be there to care for our kiddos through the service. However, you are totally welcome to keep your kids with you too! Jonah has already said he want s to stay with us and sing and pray. In fact, we were praying together today, and this was his prayer for Caleb: "God, please give Caleb a brand new heart, even before the doctors can find him one." Powerful prayer!

My hope is to hug and talk to every one that comes, which is why there will be a time to hang out (and eat some snacks!) immediately following the service. Please don't feel like you are bugging us, just because there may be a lot of people there!  We want to talk to everyone even if we have to stay a long time! We want to see you so stick around.

This is going to be God's night! We are going to be a part of something special and I hope to see you there!


  1. Affirming everything you said Katie...the Holy Spirit goose bumps have begun! God is in control and on the move! Love and anticipation has filled my soul this week! See you tomorrow night! Miss Pam

  2. Katie. I have heard so much about Caleb...our daughter is one of his nurses..we pray for him and believe the Lord will find him a heart....he is an exceptional lil man.....prayers and much love...jan s.

  3. Hi Katie, I am an old friend of your Mom and Dad's from college days and also best friends and cousins with Pam. Although we are in California, I want you to know that we will be praying for Caleb tomorrow during your rally, and are asking God for Caleb's new heart. I love what Jonah prayed and will agree with him in finding Caleb a new heart even before the doctors can find one!

  4. beth ann and jim smithSeptember 13, 2013 at 10:34 PM

    I am living in Kentucky now but God is everywhere around you and your family I will be praying all day tomorrow for you and your family

  5. Katie, I know it has been years but I am Charles Baines mom. I will be in prayer for you all tonight and always. I know God will be present and Caleb will get his new heart very soon. God Bless your whole family

  6. I live in CA and am a Nana to a heart baby. She was born with TOF/APVS she just turned 19 months and has undergone 2 open heart surgeries. We serve an awesome and wonderfully faithful God. He has answered our prayers more abundantly than we asked. We will join in lifting Caleb and your family in prayer. Trust in our mighty God!---Evangeline

  7. I was sorry it didn't work out to come. I can't wait to hear all about it!
    xo rachel

  8. I was praying and praising with you from a thousand miles away. Isn't it wonderful there is no distance in prayer? I was so excited to see a post from Tim Garner after the evening. Praise God for His faithfulness. I grew up knowing your dad and his entire family. Aunt Karen and I sang together in a group in high school. Your dad and my younger sister were classmates. In a small community, everyone is like your extended family. Waiting for the day when rejoicing will come for that new heart. Thank you Jesus for the amazing way you are going to answer this prayer for Caleb.