Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here at the hospital...

It is challenging to relax at all, knowing that Caleb is still in the "riskiest" part of his hospital stay, but at least he has come out of open-heart surgery.  The 3 1/2 hour surgery went well, was exactly as planned.  The doctors say that the riskiest period is from the beginning of surgery through 12 hours post-op.  Caleb is 2 hours in and doing ok so far.  It was easier to face the surgery today after seeing how well Caleb handled the heart cath yesterday.  Here are a couple pictures from LAST night after he recovered from the cath.

Right now we are sitting in Caleb's room, in the intensive care unit, waiting on him to wake up.  He came out of surgery at 11:30 a.m., so he is not out of the woods until it's been a full 12 hours with no problems.  Also, he is still on a breathing tube and not breathing on his own yet.  The doctor hopes to take out the tube and see Caleb breathing on his own sometime tonight, but it might be tomorrow.  He has struggled with breathing on his own in the past, so they will take it slow.  Here is how Caleb looks right now:

I want to just pick him up and snuggle him, but I won't be able to hold him for a couple more days.  I forgot how intense it is to see him all hooked up and with his huge bandage.  It takes some getting used to.

We just met with a doctor, who said Caleb is doing "great" so far.  In fact, he said, "He's just been a star".  But it's really difficult to take any comfort in that... it seems Caleb always has done well with the procedure itself, and then surprises us just when we think he's out of the woods.  So I'm tentatively pleased with how he's doing so far.

Please pray for:

1) Caleb to begin breathing on his own so he can get off the ventilator.  This is the first big hurdle.
2) For him to be comfortable and for us to be as relaxed as possible.  It is so hard to watch him be uncomfortable and frustrated and not be able to do anything for him.
3) Pray for no fluid to build up on his lungs.  This is the most common problem after heart surgery and would keep us in the hospital much longer.

We'll update again soon.  Right now we're going to try to rest until Caleb wakes up.  I don't know who is more exhausted, us or him!


  1. Dearest Katie and Daniel: I remember many years ago seeing Michael as a 4 year old in the ER and he was admitted for an asthma attack and I was beside myself. God spoke to me at that time because with the tubes and things and the many times he had gotten "stuck" for tests made me realize as his mom I would take on that pain for him if I only could. That's when Jesus comforted me and I knew that He had taken on all that pain and suffering for me. I always knew in my head He died for me but it was convicting my heart and now I knew how much He loved me as His child. We are praying for those things for you and know that you are loved not only in this earthly way by us but also by Jesus. (I know you know all of this but it is sometimes comforting to know others share it with you!)

  2. Katie and Daniel,
    We are praying for you and little Caleb. May God wrap his arms around you and give you strength to help your little guy recover.

    Trent, Malinda and Morgan

  3. Your family continues to show amazing strength through your adversity. Please continue to place God at the forefront of your family. In the near future little Caleb is going to have an amazing testimony to tell how he and his family not only survived this portion of his life, but it actually made his family stronger in Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for sharing
    James Price (Friend of Amanda Dailey)