Thursday, August 4, 2011

Waiting a little longer

Yesterday's appointment was very positive.  First we went to the neurologist and found out that Caleb's brain is perfectly fine... I can't tell you how relieved and thankful we were.  There are risks with babies with heart defects because they have less oxygen going to their brains, and sometimes can having underdeveloped brains, but Caleb fortunately is not having this problem.  In fact, the neurologist was overwhelmingly positive and pleased with how NORMAL his development is.  Thank God!  

Then we had our cardiology appointment.  The doctor said his oxygen levels are the lowest they've been since we left the hospital after his birth.  In fact, it's about as low as they want to see it go.  After examining him, Dr. Kumar said it's definitely time for his next surgery.  He is not in immediate danger, which caused me to relax a little, but the doctor said Caleb is coming to the point where the first surgery he had when he was born is becoming less effective and they need to go on to the next step of "fixing" his heart.  Originally the plan was to go back next week and have a heart cath and then surgery a week after that.  But he said he believes that will be too hard on Caleb at this point, so we are just going to go in for the heart cath, admit him to the hospital and have his surgery the very next day.  I wish he could have some time to recover in between, but the good thing is that we only have to come back one time, and get all the procedures done at once.  Now we have another 2 or 3 weeks, whereas I went to the appointment kind of feeling like our summer is over.  So that's good, no back and forth, just make one more trip and do everything at once.

We still don't have a date, but we will know in the next few days when we're going back for surgery.  Thanks for your prayers, we are hopeful and ready to get Caleb stronger and stronger!


  1. ok. hanging in there with you. right: hopeful and ready to get caleb stronger and stronger. yes.

  2. Praying for Caleb. God bless you.