Sunday, December 16, 2012

Relaxing... a little

I wanted to update everyone on how Caleb's been doing the past couple days.  We met with the doctor this morning and she did NOT believe that Caleb's heart function was the reason that his appetite was poor; she said he would probably have other symptoms if that was the case.  And since Caleb continues to otherwise seem the same, she did not believe it was necessary to increase his dose of milirinone.  [Insert sigh of relief.]  His weight has remained exactly the same for the past 2 days, no gain or loss.  His appetite has even been a little better, thank you God!  We're fighting for every calorie we can get in that kid.  What a diet... I would love it if a doctor was "forcing" me to eat pizza, ice cream, french fries and chocolate.  Let's be honest, no doctor would have to twist my arm.

I'm relaxing a tiny bit today.  No medical changes for now.  Still praying fervently for God to move in the minds of any family that might be going through a tragedy this week... I'm praying that God would give them the strength and courage and grace to choose to donate organs if the decision is presented to them.  Caleb needs a heart and I'm still praying it's TODAY. 


  1. Katie, Praying daily for God's timing and that He has the perfect heart that will be ready for Caleb at the perfect time.
    Nolan has an appointment this Thursday and we are planning on stopping in to say hi.

  2. what a beautiful way to put that Katie.
    Aunt Patty

  3. Praying that he has the strength he needs and the calories he needs will help him to be stronger and for a new heart quickly!!!