Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From blue to pink...

I believe with all my heart that my baby boy is experiencing God's healing hand on him... as you may know, we have been in a critical time right now, monitoring Caleb's sats at home, watching with baited breath to see if his oxygen level continues to drop and if his lips continue to be blue.  I am FULL OF JOY as I share the news that Caleb's sats are going up!  His little lips have gone from blue to pink in the last few days and we are seeing numbers on his oxygen monitor that we haven't seen in months.  At first I started thinking of this whole thing as a fluke until I realized... this is no fluke.  Caleb has had blue lips and low oxygen for weeks.  Yes, I can think of reasons why this is, but the truth is simply this: we started praying, and others started praying, and I have seen with my eyes the color in his face begin to change, and have seen the evidence on the monitor last night and all day today... God is with my baby boy.  I don't understand all of God's ways, why some prayers are answered the way I hope for and others not, but I have no doubt in my heart that this week God touched Caleb and changed his oxygen level.  His sats are in the high 70s and low 80s and that's right where the cardiologist wants them.  God has given us a gift this week and we won't forget it.  

Caleb's sats need to stay up for a few days to be completely out of the woods.  I'm convinced we need to keep lifting him up, and I will keep expecting God to respond!


  1. Wonderful wonderful news! It's great to serve a God that answers our prayers, and we'll keep on praying them!

    Love you guys!

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What comfort and encouragement God is extending to your family--I am thanking Him right now and praying expectantly for Him to continue answering all of our prayers for Caleb.

  3. What a relief! I know you all still need prayers, but at least we can add prayers of thanks with our requests for continuing to keep his sats steady.

    I have to be honest, when I read the title of this post, Caleb's sats weren't the first thing that came to my mind!

    Thanks for the update. Continued prayers coming your way!!!

  4. What a wonderful testimony to God's amazing grace!! I can just picture our Lord bouncing Caleb on His knee and loving on him -- He loves him so much!! Praise His Holy Name for this step "up" in Caleb's journey -- keep marching forward Caleb -- you're a little trooper!!! So thankful you and Daniel have something good happening so you can take a breather and relax a bit -- something to smile about! You certainly deserve it! God bless you dear ones!!