Friday, February 17, 2012

The scoop

It's amazing to me that after a week of uncertainty with Caleb's health, and an incredibly difficult trip to the hospital yesterday, I can report that this sunny, blue-skied weather is mirroring my heart today.  It's true, in spite of my crazy life, I'm overflowing with joy today.  Every day this week, Daniel and I have set our alarms to wake up early, before our kids get up, to spend time with God, praying and studying our Bibles.  And because of that time with God, and the prayers of so many people, our spirits have been lifted and we have joy and peace that has nothing to do with our circumstances.  I can't help but share about God's goodness; it's beyond what I even understand!

Our cardiologist called first thing this morning (note to Ingalls' and Atwoods: quick news, just like you asked God for!) and he said that yesterday's test came back clear and good (next answer to prayer).  That's one potential problem crossed off our list.  After we talked a while, Dr. Kumar said what we really need is an accurate reading of Caleb's oxygen level (his "sats"), because it's hard to get a good reading when he's screaming, which he always is now in the doctor's office.  He's also had colds and that can affect the reading.  So since this test came back clear, Dr. Kumar said maybe he's actually fine and the problem is just that we need to see what Caleb's sats are when he doesn't have a cold and isn't crying.  So we are actually in the process of getting one of these machines for our house, so we can monitor Caleb at home, when he's calm and happy.  Dr. Kumar wants us to take several readings over a week or so and see what it shows.

This is potentially great news, but we won't know until we get this machine to our house and see how Caleb does when he's not hysterical.  And trust me, he gets hysterical.  Yesterday was really hard on him, and on me.  He had to be restrained, and he fought the WHOLE TIME.  He reminded us that he's a little fighter.  The kid was not going to give up until they had to just tape him down to the table while they put him in the machine that looks like a cat scan.  It was hard to watch him have to endure all that and have to be the one to physically hold his shoulders down while I just cried and cried and he screamed and screamed.  It was a bit traumatic... but then he passed out in the car immediately on the way home, and woke up singing and smiling and talking to himself in the backseat.  Wish I could have bounced back so quickly!  The whole ordeal completely wore me out!  But it's all towards the goal of helping him be healthy, and I have to tell myself that when he freaks out at the very sight of someone in scrubs, which he does.

Now we wait a bit.  We have to get this machine, which will take a couple days, then we have to see what his oxygen does for a few days... We need your prayers.  We need you to rally around us, remember little Caleb and lift him up to our Father, begging Him for his oxygen to just go right up to where it needs to be.  Thanks for standing with us and not forgetting us.  We feel the effects of your prayers... keep them coming!

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