Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet relief

I totally should have let people know this last night, but I think I'm just a little bit in shock and can't wrap my mind around the conversation I had with Caleb's cardiologist last night... Dr. Kumar called last night right as we were walking out the door to go to small group.  He had talked to his nurse, who had given him the readings I've gotten on Caleb's sats from the last two days.  He wanted to let us know that he was really pleased with those numbers and so much so that he felt confident Caleb does NOT need a heart cath or any additional tests at this point.  Wait.... what?!  So we just went from painful disappointment, to anxious fear of more procedures, to a sudden change in his color, to... "See you in 6 weeks"??  You can imagine why it's taken me a while to get the word out.  It just doesn't seem possible!  But of course it is possible!  I feel no hesitation whatsoever in crediting God with our great news.  I KNOW that God has responded to the prayers of hundreds of people.  Wow.  Thanks, guys.  You get to count this as your victory, too.

We go for a check-up in 6 weeks.  For now, we're breathing a sigh of sweet relief and moving forward with our plans in the next couple weeks... I'm leaving on Wednesday for a little get-away by myself. I'm going to Colorado for a few days to visit my dear friend Kylee, to rest, read, have great conversation, and re-charge my batteries a little.  I'm SO excited!!  Then when I come home, Jonah, Caleb and I will be joining Daniel on a work trip to Chicago.  And to think that I was about to cancel these plans to be in the hospital... I can't get over it!  

That's all for now.  My little PINK boy is waking up from his nap... better go kiss his face for the millionth time today!


  1. Awesome news!!!! God is Good :)

    Faith Gammello Waddell

  2. YAY..Praise the Lord...What an awesome job He does!!

  3. God is so wonderful that you can't ever find a word that is worthy of explaining just how awesome He is! Thank you, Father!!!

  4. God, you are ALWAYS matter what! And we praise YOU for the precious PINK boy you are doing amazing miracles in! Thank you for joy, peace and R&R with friends!!!! XOXO Love you Kinnaird family!!